I Miss You Friend

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  1. Friends are like precious gems* I can’t forget the times that I spend with them

    The strings of my friendship cannot be broken
    When Iam with them I fly with pleasure
    Relationship with friends cannot be measured when I feel
    Darkness in my life
    Friends are the one who bring sparks in my life
    I will never forget my friends through my life
    Because the golden time that I spent it with them will
    Never come back
    When I got admission in school by everyone I was made
    A foolish girl
    I was discourage and hopeless at that time Allah granted me a
    Guide who always stood by my side in my class she sat
    Beside me single as I together as we
    For everything I learned she was deeply concerned
    She’s so nice lovely & sweet to me full of delight
    A real friend in my side
    As she’s gone I was so sad and lonely. I left only the memories will be kept in my life
    And in her heart. I’ll never forget a friend I wish I could be always by her side
    But she said she will never forget me because I’ am her true friend​

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