Thank you Mom

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  1. Thank you Mom
    Thank you Mom

    Where I come from
    Mom is the word for some

    To my Mom
    I write you my loving storm
    in 'Thank you' forms

    Thank you Mom* for bringing me to earth
    Thank you Mom* for showing me daily love
    Thank you Mom* for being my best friend
    Thank you Mom* for your reassuring words
    Thank you Mom* for always been there

    I may have let you down a few times
    But you always forgive me my crimes

    Mom you are the best
    Mom you are better than all the rest
    Mom* I love you* I love you
    Hope this is easy for you to digest!
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  3. Thats sooooooooooooo sweet
    I like thise poem a lot
    Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Punk Girl you always do nice Things
    you deserve a ballot
    And kepe up the good work
  4. Thanx for ur response & ur the best too because ur my best friend
  5. WoooooooooooW

    The writing your so Much beautiful

    You know to write good poetry

    Continued on this Creativity

    the very very very very sweet

  6. thanx that u like it.................
  7. wow it's nice i like it
  8. thanxxxxxxxxxx 4 ur reply sis
  9. thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 the nice topic
  10. ur more than welcome and thanxxx 4 ur reply
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