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  1. hi
    this is the accoune about Africa

    Do you like travelling? Would like to see different types of weather? then*go to africa!
    Africa is a large contineent . Half of the continent is south of the equator and the other Half is north of it . That is why the four seasons can be seen throughout this continent in the same month .

    During July and August* the Tunisians* Egyptians and
    Moroccans enjoy the warm summer sun. However*for
    the South Africais* July and August mean winter. The
    weather there gets very cold* but it never snows.
    Cameroon* Nigeria and Rwanda are around the equator.
    it is usually hot and humid there and it always rains. For this reason*
    these countries have many forests.

    There are two deserts in Africa. They have no rait. Hot and dry winds blow in these deserts all year round. If you plan a visit to Africa* makebsure you see three seasons in one month.
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