Mistakes in our spoken in English

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  1. i really love english more than any subject at school
    so i deasided to put these infomation about uor spoken english in order to chere some in information i ve got

    Mistakes in our spoken in English

    1. the verb afraid

    Don’t say : Mona is afraid from the dog
    Say : Mona is afraid of the dog

    2. angry with

    Don’t say :the teacher was angry against him
    say : the teacher was angry with him

    3. arrive at

    Don’t say : we arrived to the village at night
    say : We arrived at the village at night

    4. believe in

    don’t say: we believe to God
    Say: we believe in God

    5. Travel by

    don’t say: he traveled with the train yesterday
    say: he traveled by train yesterday

    6. complain about

    don’t say: Sara complained for the weather
    Say: Sara complained about the weather

    7. composed of

    Don’t say: Our class is composed from thirty students
    say: Our class is composed of thirty students

    8. (Depend (on )or (upon )

    both are correct

    don’t say : it depends from her
    say : it depends on or upon her

    9. Divide into

    don’t say : I divided the cake in four parts
    say : I divided the cake into four parts

    10. Good

    Don’t say : My sister is good in math
    Say : my sister is good at math

    11. Guilty

    Don’t say: He was found guilty for murder
    Say: He was found guilty of murder

    12. interested

    Don’t say: She is interested for her work
    Say: She is interested in her work

    13. prefer

    don’t say : I prefer a blue pen from a red one
    Say : I prefer a blue pen to a red one

    14. Superior

    Don’t say : this is superior from that
    Say : This is superior to that

    15. translate

    Don’t say: translate this passage to English
    Say: translate this passage into English

    16. warn

    Don’t say: they were warned about the danger
    Say: they were warned of the danger

    hope you learned something
  2. o my god
    just read it
  3. thank you very much for adding this important information
    glad to be the fiest who replay

  4. :sleep(1): :sleep(1):
    thanks to you beacase you read it
    :sleep(1): and i will put some more information for you soon
    :sleep(1): :sleep(1): :sleep(1):
  5. :sleep(1): :sleep(1):
    thanks to you beacase you read it
    :sleep(1): and i will put some more information for you soon
    :sleep(1): :sleep(1): :sleep(1):
  6. thank for your nice topic girl
  7. im at your service guys
  8. so friends if you ever got any information simple or deficult just put it to us and i ll go at the same way and thank you
  9. hi cici....nice name
    and a very nice subject
    and a good idiae
    but>>>u made a littile mstice
    don't say:Mistakes in our spoken in English
    say: mistakes we made when we speack english
    or :mistakes in our english speach

    i am sorry ......dont be angry.
    but i wanted to help u
    english is my favurite too
    thanks agin ..see yah
  11. wo0o0o0o0o0ow
    for the great lesson
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