Three Things

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  1. Important Three Things :

    Three things in life that* once gone* never come back
    - Time
    - Words
    - Opportunity

    • Three things in life that may never be lost
    - Peace
    - Hope
    - Honesty

    • Three things in life that are most valuable
    - Love
    - Self-confidence
    - Friends

    • Three things in life that are never certain
    - Dreams
    - Success
    - Fortune

    • Three things that make a man/woman- Hard work
    - Sincerity
    - Commitment

    • Three things in life that can destroy a man/woman
    - Alcohol
    - Pride
    - Anger

    • Three things that are truly constant
    - GOD
    - GOD
    - GOD

    I ask God to bless you* as I pray for you today; to guide you and protect you* as you go along your way. His love is always with you* His promises are true. And when you give Him all your cares* you know He'll see you through.

    Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow*
    Sometimes we must fail in order to know*
    Sometimes we must lose in order to gain
    Because some lessons in life are best learned through pain.

    Have a blessed day !
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