I Don't Care...

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  1. I don’t care you’re not the cutest

    I don’t care about your fame

    I don’t care about your hair

    I don’t care about your game

    I don’t care about your ego

    I don’t care about your car

    I only care about the fun

    and the person you truly are
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  2. جاري تحميل الصفحة...

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    r realy
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  10. thanks for posting a comment

    thank you for your comment

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    thanks ** and your topics deserves rates too ^^"

    you're welcome

    hehehe * thanks * and by the way ... although I spent my childhood in America * or probably the most of my life dosen't mean that I'm really good at it XD

    thank you all for posting these comments

  11. i like it alot


    keep up the good work
  12. thanks 4 the comment * & maybe you mean ... keep up the...bad work XD
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    did u write this?
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  14. thanks for the comment XD * & I don't rock ... I play guitar :p
  15. will.........u rock on guitar

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