Ready for a Brave New You?

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  1. Ready for a Brave New You

    Be prepared

    Nothing boosts bravery better than knowing you’ve got everything you need whether it’s about mind or muscle
    You should also

    Be true to yourself

    It’s always easier to fight for something you believe in Courage is about heart so let the world see yours
    But don’t forget to

    Be careful

    Being reckless dosent make you brave and being careful dosent make you a coward if you think before you act you’ll feel more confident about what you do
    But that shouldn’t mean you cant

    Be fair

    Your actions have consequences not just for yourself but for others too it takes more courage to admit that you’re wrong than to gloat about being right
    And remember to

    Stay open

    It’s okay to admit when you’re afraid even when you think you have to look tough even the bravest person in the world is
    Afraid of something! So

    Have faith

    In your weakest moments it helps to know that no matter what everthing will turn out okay whatever happens your friends and family will always be behind you just like the guardians are always behind their friends even if they don’t always get along
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