In My Last Day

الموضوع في 'اللغات' بواسطة Dark Shadow, بتاريخ ‏6 نوفمبر 2007.

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  1. The Day Is Finally Come

    It Is The Day When I'll Be Between Life and Death

    It Is The Day When I'll Finish Something I Wanted To Do It

    The Sky Is Red And Everything Is Black

    I Can Hear Someone

    Someone Say:It Will Be End...Shadow

    Everything Will Disappear With Me

    When I Die I Want Everything Forgot Me

    I Don't Have Any Choice

    With All My Life

    ...I'll End This Now

    ...This Is My Last Day
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  8. ummmmmmmmmmmmm...........:mad0177:
    R u sure u wanna be on the dark side???????
    No offence i think that ur topic is cool and warming but there many people around the
    4giveme if i am mistaken:( world wanting 2 get out of darkness
  9. Thankyou Dark Shadow For This subject

    Dark Yami
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  14. nice and intersting topic
    may God bless u
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