Friendship OR Love

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  1. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    how r u all??
    i hope u r fine

    Sometimes we find some questions that have no answer
    but why?? we do not know really
    for example :if we had to choose between a friend or a lover
    what will we do??
    our friends are very close to us
    they lived every minute with us


    the lover that make u feel every thing nice in this life
    and make ur heart beat

    what will we do in this case
    will we choose the friend or the lover??
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  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    really i dont know what to say

    i think it's not easy to choose one

    so i wont choose any cos really i dont know what to say

    by the way
    i like your topic

    keep it up
  4. thanks soooooooooo much
  5. In fact* I will choose the loss of lover

    Because I lost a lover* then I found another lover

    Butlost friend You will not find a trustworthy friend in this time
  6. wooooooooooooooow
    thanks for the topic
    very nice
    really Idont know what i say
    thanks again
  7. thanks all 4 nice passing

  8. ●●



    nice topic sweety


    hmmmmmm ohh its hard 2 choose


    thanx waiting 4 new

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