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  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

    evry one tell us some thing about his school day

    الموضو ان كل واحد يجي ويقولنا عن شي صار له في يوم دراسته

    يلا انا ابدا

    today i took with my friend about call of duty game ^^

    ومضه: ترا الموضوع من اعدادي

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  3. وين الردود

  4. .. wo0o0o0w ..

    .. great idea thanx ..
  5. .. hmmmmmmmmmmm ..

    .. 2day i have science exam & it was easy ..

    .. so that was my day 2day at school ..
  6. اولاً يا حبايبي :]
    لا احد يشد علي كاي بالأنجليزي لأني ما اعرف له كثير
    و ترى الي بيشحك علي بأعطيه مخالفة >>> سوء استخدام للسلطة >>>>> سلطة ولا فتوش :]

    2day .. isleep in all the 7 Quotas
    it‘s was a Beautiful day
    i love school :D
  7. شكرا لك اخي كوكو على الموضوع الكوووووووول والفكرة الرائعة

    بترجم thank you ko-ko for the very nice and cool topic

    for me i finished my school alhamdulillah for a very long time

    im lucky girl

    i will give you my valuation
  8. thanx all

    and i wish you have a nice day in school

  9. wooooooooooooooow
    thanks for the wonderful topic

    today i had Arabic exam it was difficult
    but i got good mark

    thanks again
  10. well* I had an Arabic dxam 2 and thanks god I did good
    and that was my day at school today ^_^
    btw : thanx 4 the great idea!
  11. Wo0o0oo0o0W

    what a great idea

    actually as well I have many of homeworks and exams

    but I really have fun with my friends

    ThanX alot Bro 4 the nice Topic
  12. u welcome

    and have a nice weekend ^^
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