Sad Friendship

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    still a lil girl undeveloped with no curves you still touch her yeah you hide yourself behind her family but you still touch her claming on top of ​

    Lost Memories

    i'll follow you down to where the green grass grows i'll follow you down to where the willow tree branches hang low i'll follow you down to where​

    Broken Hearts

    when i started as a seventh grader i didn't think life could be greater. soon everything fell apart and you pieced together my broken heart. i opened

    Hurtful Words

    when you say those hurtful things shut up! and go away! do you ever stop to think? how they might ruin my day? all the very hurtful

    Just Another Day

    just another day.... have you ever felt like you was standing in the midst of everything but when reality hits your just surrounded by ​

    I Hope You all Like it

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