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  1. You're a feather
    Suspended in the air
    Between this planet's atmosphere
    And brilliant green prairies
    Isn't it perfect
    The yellow lens flare?
    So let's run
    Before gravity catches up
    To our reveries
    And daydreams


    وحشتوني 3>

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  2. hi
    so great =)
    i really like it
    keep it up
    nice topic
    ينقل للقسم المناسبـ.. :)

    c ya
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  3. كنت ريشة
    معلقة في الهواء
    بين هذا الكوكب
    والبراري الخضراء الرائعة
    ليس هو الكمال
    والذوق عدسة الصفراء؟
    لذلك دعونا تشغيل
    قبل أدرك خطورة
    لدينا أحلامه
    وأحلام اليقظة
  4. كلمات جدا روعة

    وفي قمة الجمال

    تقبلي مروري البسيط

    وتحياتي لكي

    ومع اطيب الاماني
  5. moon14@

    Thanks* I'm glad you liked this. And sorry for making you move it* but I honestly thought that the other section was more fitting since it's for the members' creations* rather than a language section.
    Je ne sais quoi -_-"



    Thanks. I strongly advice you against using an automatic translator* though. See how it understood run (run from point A to point B :p ) as run* turn on.

    Come again soon XD

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  6. جلمـــاتـ جميـــلـــــــه جـــداً ..
    ننتظـــــــــر جــديــدكـ + ‘بــدآأإآأإآأإآأإآأإعـــــــــــكـ ...

    تقبلـــ،،ـــ،،ـــ،،ـــ،،ـــ،،ـــلــي مــروريـ ..
  7. Hi princess

    How r ya ??.. hope ur fine


    nice words really

    keep up the good work

    u deserve an evaluation

  8. wooooooooooow

    thank you so much
  9. i love the words so much

    keep it up
    good luck
  10. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
    very very nice
  11. Hey senorita..:)
    I'm In love with these pure & simple words..
    please* Give us more :)

    with greetings ***
  12. ظِـلُّ فَتـآة

    Aw* thanks señora ^ ^
    Don't ask me* ask my muse XD it never* ever shows up anymore!


    Amani Misa
    نسمة الربيع

    Thanks for responding* although I would have liked some criticism* but thanks all the same. You really cheered me up.


    Ǎηγα - Čђάη

    I'm doing good ^ ^ thanks for asking.
    And thanks for the rating.


    الضياء الاخير

    العفو أخية ^ ^
  13. Shining as usual* Princess...

    Nice words

    Simple & Meaningful

    your words always have a deep meanings...

    it makes people think somehow about it...

    keep it up & also...

    always keep shining
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