I'm an Angel

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  1. I'm An Angel

    They say that I'm an Angel
    A White winged that those can fly
    And glide so high into the sky

    But I ask myself why don't they see me
    That all Iam is a normal girl wanting to be

    A star in the night sky letting people understand
    Wht don't they at least try

    But no all this normal girl can do this sigh
    So I ask them one more time

    Am I truly the Angel through there eyes
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    an angel اللغات ‏22 يوليو 2010

  3. **

    Hi Lovely

    .. How r ya ??.. Hope ur doin great
    .. Wo0o0W × Wo0o0W ..
    nice words about angel ( :p ) ..thnx so much
    keep it up girl
    ur sis Anya


    evaluation +
  4. hi miss Lovely
    how are you ??
    thanks for the topic about I an angel
    see you
  5. Hi Anya .. I'm fine Thanks ..
    your welcome + thanks to you ..
  6. Hi lora + i'm really good ..
    ur more than welcome ..
    Thanks 4 you my dear ..
  7. Thankfully

    The subject of a wonderful and beautiful

    Accepts simple traffic

    And a tribute to

  8. Thanks alot 4 ur passing ..
    منور آلمتصفح ^^ ..
  9. Ha Ha Ha Ha

    you are realy an angel my hart

    liked it very much

    keep it up "^ ^

  10. Hehehehhehe ..
    I'm so happy that u liked it my dear ..
    Thanks alot 4 ur nice reply ..
  11. .
    Welcome ~

    Your topic is very beautiful and also a lot of creativity ^^

    The theme of the angel is very beautiful* I especially like the word angel is very

    and what we do for you ~>Because it made me feel a strange sense hehehehe><

    ..Well my friend your topic in short: I liked very

    ~ Bye now
  12. !!!!!!!:blink(1): waaaaaw
  13. يمنع رفع آلموآإضيع آلقديـمهـ ..

    يغلق ..!!
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