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    Saying goodbye
    Was the hardest thing to do
    I never thought I would
    Especially not to you

    You always listened
    And knew what to say
    Knew when to give a hug
    When I was having a bad day

    No one will ever take your place
    I can always promise you this
    It’s hard to find someone like you
    So know you’ll always be missed


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  2. Hi Anya ..

    Wo0o0o0o0o00oW ..

    the words are really wonderful ..^^

    Thanks alot ..

    See ya ..
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  5. I hope the person in question rests in peace.
    I like how it was so easy for everyone to understand this one thanks to your usage of such simple prose.

    You got yourself a rating :)

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  6. Hello
    ur more than welcome
    thanx 4 ur nice feedbck dear
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  10. hi Ǎηγα - Čђάη


    The wonderful topic

    think you very very much
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