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  1. welcome every 1

    my topic Iwrit from my heart

    i just love u read ..... 4 me


    some time i dream
    some time i dont

    i feel i live with no one
    but i live with evry one

    look at me ... 0

    who is me . who are you
    i wish i did be for i see you

    you killl my heart
    kill my feeling . i will not accept

    your word agine

    . . . . . . .. . .

    i wish it like you & with my all love

    Dark Heart
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  3. Hi Dark

    How are you ?? .. Hope youré fine

    Wo0o0o0o0w I like it So much

    Really Wonderful words .. ThanKs alot

    See You
  4. hi sweet

    thanx u 4 this word

    with my love
  5. hello dark
    will .. thank you so much
  6. hi
    Wonderful words actually
    Liked and strongly
    Expected of one another, God willing,
  7. أحلىىىىىى يا اللي كلكم انجلش

    علموني شالسالفة بس ؟
  8. Very beautiful words
    Thank you for the topic
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