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  1. Peace
    How are you؟؟

    Presented to you today I see his thought amusing

    The idea is:
    Every person who enters record attendance in the name of anything sweet


    For example, is currently a lot of things around me and I choose to register with the Office of the Hsouri for example,

    And so on ...

    I hope that the game is clear and that you like it
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  3. Hi Bro

    How r ya ?!.. Hope ur doin great

    Sorry I didnt understand ur point can u please explain it if its ok to you

    waiting for your response
  4. Praise be to God and Ante??
    He will speak Arabic

    اللعبه هي :
    انه اي شخص لابد و ان يكون حوله الكثير من الاشياء حاليا
    و اللعبه تقتضي بأن يذكر العضو اسم شيء من الاشياء التي حوله في كل مره يضيف فيها رد
  5. hi
    the idea is great
    i attendance in the name of ammm
    I do not know LoOoL
    Just Joking ^^
    i attendance in the name of Laptop

    اسف املائي غلط×غلط بالانقليزي لووووووووول
  6. Aha Ok

    now I understand thanx for explaining
  7. Thank you Ấήŏτњέя мάй

    ولك مني تقييم ع الفكره الاكثر من رائعه ^^
  8. Thank you all for passing
    And evaluation



  9. Water

  10. hour........~
  11. thank u 4 the subject
    telephone mobile

  12. u r Welcome

  13. Medicine

  14. key........^^

  15. Bunch of Tissue

  16. <<<Bed>>>
  17. Pillow

  18. يـثـبـت ..!!

  19. table


  20. Your'e Welcome


  21. Conditioner

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