Dear Diary .. يوميـآت آلصحرآويين و آلصحرآويـآت ..~

الموضوع في 'اللغات' بواسطة ςhẻяяy, بتاريخ ‏14 أغسطس 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    السلآم عليكم و رحمـة آلله و بركـآته ..

    How Are You Everyone ?? I Hope You're all Fine

    آليـوم جبت لكم فكرهـ حلوهـ و بسيطـة جـداً ..

    آللي هـو Anime Desert Diaries "يوميـآت صحرآء آلآنمي" ..~​


    فكـرة آلموضوع .. كـل يوم تكتبون وش صـآر لكم "آليوم آو آمس آو قبل آمس و إلـخ .."

    شروط آلموضوع ..

    1- عدم تحويل آليوميـة إلى شآت "محآدثة" ..

    2- عدم كتـآبة يوميـة غير لآئقـة "آلكتـآبة بإحترآم" ..

    3- يمنع وضع آكثر من 3 يوميـة في آليوم آلوآحد "يعني بآليوم آلوآحد تقدرون تكتبون بس 3 يوميـة"

    آتمنى آلفكـرة عجبكـم + آتمنى تتفـآعلوآ كـل يوم ..~

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  2. 2010-8-14 .. Saturday

    Dear Diary ..

    Today I talk to my Best Friends ..

    I enjoy talking with them 2 hours ..
  3. فكره روعـه ..

    و تستحق التثبيت ..

    و ان شاء الله اكتب مدونه ..

    و يسعدني اني اول وحده ردت على الموضوع ..^^

    لي باك بأذن الله ..^^
  4. لـي باك،،

    موضوع حلـو كثيـر
    2010-8-14 .. Saturday

    This day like any day pass
    nothing special happened in..
    but maybe there will be something New..
    & I hope some of things change!!
    but it's not a bad day=)
    cuz we are in ramadan

    Midnight rose~

  5. Hi Guys
    وآلله آلفكرهـ حلوهـ كثيــر

    لي بـآآكـ!!
  6. لي بـآإكـ .. + .. يثبت ..!!
  7. Sunday 2010-8-15

    Dear Diary ..

    Today I Dreamed that my Sister was drinking Coffee

    What make me laugh that she was drinking 6 cups and she hates Coffee so much ..

    It was such a Beautiful Dream ..^^
  8. very spectacular idea
    thnX sweetheart


    sunday 15\8\2010

    dear diary

    today i went to my big brother's house we eat dinner together

    the most wonderful thing is i played alot with his cute children

    i had so much fun really
  9. Monday 16-8-2010

    Dear Diary ..

    Today I called one of my best friends ..

    she make me very sad because she is sick for 2 weeks ..

    I hope she will be good soon ^^
  10. بــــــآآكـ!!
    Saturday 10-08-14..°
    AD was a day of rejoicing nineteenth..°
    Was one of the best days of my life..°
    Have I received a gift from my brother..°
    The Best in the matter..°
    Remind members of my birthday!!

  11. Dear Diary ..

    Yesterday I had a horrible nightmare ..

    I couldnt sleep well ..

    such a worse dream I had ever
  12. monday 16\8\2010

    dear diary _ today me and my sisters went to the shopping mall

    it was the most worst day in shopping because we didnt buy anything
  13. I came back here thanks to Keoura :] I hope the rest of the gang (yeppie.. someone play the Godfather theme!) join us here. I missed everyone. Hopefully X won't ruin it for me.

    01:33, first of September, 2010.

    Thanks for the thread, missy ^_^
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