I'm Not A Princess ..

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    I'm Not A Princess

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    I know I'm not a Princess

    just an ordinary working girl

    but then again I never wanted

    my life to be the whirl

    that people, such as Diana

    experienced every day

    being hounded, petted and idolized

    in an unrealistic way

    Kings and Queens and princesses

    seem so out of time

    as if they belong in a fairytale

    or in some magical rhyme

    So I'm glad that I'm not a princess

    and can live life my own way

    that's better than all the riches

    of being a Princess any day

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  3. ..

    very beautiful topic sweetie ..
    thanks alot ..
    see ya
  4. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله ...

    hi..how r u anya chan hope u r doing well

    your thread is very beautiful and cuuute ^^

    I think it's a poem ^^

    الموضوع رااااااااااااااااائع ^^

    بانتظار جديدك ..^^

    تم التقييم .. :)

    في أمان الله ..^^
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