Miss U DADy ♥

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  1. Dad ..,

    miss the days with u..,miss ur smile , sound every thing..,
    miss when u came 2 me while im studying &told me not 2 get hard on my self but u ask me
    2 crush my self when i study phyx cuz its ur subjectfair enough dad xD ..,
    & the most thing that i really miss it that when we hang outtogether 2 ran away from home xD ..,
    no body want 2 hang out with me nw they r all busy :Sand i don't like 2 sit at home a lot :S ..,
    wish u 2 be happy where ever u r ..,and i will do my best 2 make u proud of me ..,
    miss u a lot dady.., never gona forgot u ..,
    Love U ,..

    [ A Little part from my memory ]

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