New video clip for One Piece By Me

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  1. One Piece : Until The Day I Die

    I've made a video for one piece i was took a long time to finish it

    i used the music: Until The Day I Die-Story Of The Year

    time of video: 4 min

    Quality: Avi

    The size:76 mb

    :pictures from video
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    the link has been uploaded on Media Fire : Click here

    I hope you all enjoy

    ....and don't forgot your opinion

    ..Dark Shadow..
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  3. Hello Dark Shadow

    thankyou very much

    The Video Clip Is Nice

    I Gave You 30/30 lol :party0010:
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  4. thank's yami

    you are the one who make me doing like this more and more

    and thank you for rating
  5. Hi Shadow

    I downloaded This video

    it's very Nice

    you realy creative

    this Video is The best

    Thank's for Video

    Deserves assessment
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