My Way

الموضوع في 'المنتدى العام' بواسطة Dark Shadow, بتاريخ ‏19 أغسطس 2007.

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  1. My Way


    There is Souls That Have Been Torn apart

    My Heart Tightens With This Thought That Has No Where To Go

    I Wonder Why We Met At This Time and age

    The Question is lost in the Darkness

    My Soul Cannot Waver

    Even When There is no hope

    At The End Of The Path That I have Chosen

    Lies The Answer I seek

    So The Dream Will One Day Arrive

    I'll Just Wait For It

    Encounters will show the way

    Even Promise,Sin,Dream,And....Darkness

    I'll Embody Myself With Everything

    My Strength,My Soul

    The Moment When They Come Together

    What Will Be Born....

    ?Believe in destiny?or Not


    ...By ...Dark Shadow
  2. very nice dark shadow

  3. Thank You Dark Yami For Passing
  4. واااو

    كلماتها وااااااايد حلوه

    ممكن اعرف منو اللي غناها ؟!

    مشكووووره ع الكلمات الحلوه و الجهد الطيب ..

    See Ya
  5. شكرا على مرورك المميز والمتواضع

    وهذه الكلمات ماأخذتها من أغنية للاسف
  6. Wonderful
    good job bro
    thank u for your efforts

  7. WoW ... it is so gr8
    Keep up the good work ^^
  8. Thank You Very Much For Passing
  9. really wonderful words..
    thank u dark shadow^^
    keep going

    ::kouary m.k::
  10. Thank You kouary m.k For Nice Passing