Macaulay Calkin's sister killed...

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  1. Police say Macaulay Culkin's sister Dakota Culkin was killed after she stepped in front of a car in west Los Angeles.
    Police spokesman Richard French says Dakota Culkin was struck Tuesday night after she stepped into the street. She died a day later at a Los Angeles hospital after suffering massive head injuries.
    French says there is no active criminal investigation.
    Police say the driver stopped and tried to help the 29-year-old. Officers determined the motorist wasn't driving drunk and followed all laws.
    Macaulay Culkin's spokeswoman, Michelle Bega, said it was a "terrible tragic accident" and the family had no further comment.
    The 28-year-old actor starred in the "Home Alone" films.
    Today read Google. Excellent film and Calkin wonderful actor. But why God takes the youngest?
  2. التــــــــــــرجــمه :


    يااخـ ..

    تونا بأول متــوسطـ ..

    وحــتى بالمــدرســه مااخذنا القــطع الانجــليزيــه ..

    وتــبينا نتــرجمهــا ؟!

    تــرجمها انت يااخي ..