ABC 's of friendship

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  1. ABC's of friendship

    Accepts you as you are

    Believes in you

    Calls you just to say HI

    Doesn't give up on you

    Envisions the whole of you​

    Forgives your mistakes

    Gives uncondiionally

    Helps you

    Invites you over

    Just "be" with you

    Keeps you close at heart

    Loves you for who you are

    Makes a difference in your life

    Never judges offers support

    Picks you up

    Quiets your fears

    Raises you spirits

    Says nice things about you

    Tells the truth when you need to hear it

    Understands you

    Values you

    Walks beside you

    Xplains things you don't understand

    Yells when you don't want to listen


    Zaps you back to reality

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