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  1. dear friends this is a new idea i saw it someplace
    اصدقائي هذه فكرة جديدة شفتهة في مكان ما
    and i really wanted to try it here
    وحبيت احاول اجربهة في منتدانا العزيز
    Welcome to the English Forums Café
    مرحباً بكم في مقهى المنتديات الإنجليزيِ

    the place where we can talk about anything
    المكان الذي بأمكانكم من خلاله الحديث عن اي موضوع

    General chit-chat, Questions, Remarks, News .. etc
    الدردشة العامّة، أسئلة، ملاحظات، أخبار. . الخ

    i will start the conversation by asking the person who will come after me do you like some times to stay alone and why is that?
    انا سأبدء الحديث بسؤال الشخص الي راح يجي وراية هل تحب تبقة وحدك مرات وبأي الحالات الي تحس فعلا انك تحتاج الى البقاء وحدك ؟

    please answers should be in english only and its ok if you like to translate to arabic
    رجاء الحديث يعني الحجي لازم يكون بالانكليزي واذا تحب ترجم حديثك للعربي علمود الكل تفتهم

    this is a very good way to practice english
    هاي طريقة حلوة لنمارس اللغة الانكليزية
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  3. WoOoW
    that's good information
    from my side
    i think it's perfect supject
    thank u
    for your efforts
    i hope to see another subjects
    from u
  4. good afternoon girls guyz
    how r u???

    and i want to thank u
    this is a good idea

    so come on guyz
    letz talk !!!
  5. so how's everyone??????

    thank you for this good idea
  6. hi all ^^
    how r u ?
    i hope u r gr8
    thanx sis 4 this gr8 idea

    hmmm .. i will answer ur question
    hmmm .. i'm always alone ..
    and i love being alone
    its make me smile
    and think clearly
    and forget about all my proplems
    its the best thing for me
    so i love it
  7. hi 2 every body

    thankx for this good idea

    how r u ?
    what r u doing in ramadan?

    Iam sorry for this nosey question

  8. hi guyz
    how are u
    how’s watching bab al harah
    i love bab al harah very very very much
    and u?
  9. in ramadan i will watch bab al harah & watch ftorkm 3lenah & every thing in mbc1 & alsharqiya
    read the holly quran
  10. hi guyz & g!rlz
    how r u ?
  11. Hello!!!!!!!!! how glad am i to know some people that know english:)because i am born in a family that talks english.
    I am a out going gurl.......i love 2 go out with friends .......blah blah blah.But i met people that are very weird:ashamed:but i love 2 help people around the world and 2 make people's life better
    i love my life and i thank God 4 this life.:smarty01:
  12. welcome southern gurl
    anime desert
    me 2 i love my family & my life
    also my friends
  13. Bad story

    Hello............... i heard once that there was this weird thing about relign and my reation was very shocking because i belive that all over thae world people fight about it so this is the story........
    There was this man and this woman that were in love just like any other couple but the that was difference in them was the relign the girl was a muslim and i think taht the man was a christian and just when they were about to get married her famliy relatives every j stamping her on the face.............................
    single person in her family just attacked her and killed :( thats very sad her by kicking her and
  14. hey i'm back
    i guess nothig changed

    and welcome
    southern gurl

    u shined the fourm
  15. hi
    how are u tania ??
    we miss u very much
  16. maybe u missed me
    but seems that not all
    never mind

    i'm fine
  17. Dark plz wake up
    how r u bro?

    >>>i think i'll go to bed
  18. Welcome Back Tania

    everyone missed you

    and you important member in Darkness Soul...
  19. I'm Fine

    How About You???
  20. i know
    but there's sth
    tells sth is wrong
    i dont know
    maybe it is just for a while
    h r u ?