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  1. I'm Fine

    How About You???

    And Don't Worry Everything is ok
  2. i'm good
    thanx 4 asking

    i'll try
    but still
    sth is wrong
  3. Hi 2 every 1

    how r u?
  4. i told ya
    sth is wrong
    demon is not here
    see !!

    hey kena
  5. Hello! I'm Audi R8
    ?How are you
  6. hi Everyone

    How Do You Do???
  7. hi 2 every 1
    how are u
    i miss u all
  8. hi

    ?who wanna Die Or Kill With Me XD
  9. we got our criminal

    *brings out the handcuffs*

  10. LOL

    good morning everyone
  11. hi

    good night everyone XD
  12. hey
    isnt that gerard way from mcr in ur icon?
  13. dark hasn't been here in ages..wonder what's he doing..
  14. aha

    whats up
  15. nothing..final eXams starting from monday..

    *sniff* *sob*

    what about you?
  16. i'm sick

    and i have exam 2moro