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  1. ok ^^
    Hi jojo
    how are u?
  2. Fine hoB ^^

    How R U Hob??

    I Love you haBeB
  3. !Hello
    I am Audi R8
    ?How are you
  4. hi there
    h r u 2day?

    guess what
    I'm happppppppppppy now
    i think i'll fly soon without wings
  5. hay :)

    why's that sudden happiness?


    am deppressed D: *sigh*
  6. hi 4 all
    how are you
  7. am alive..yeaaaaah

    ^^" singing celine dion's song

  8. some1 told me sth made me happy

    why ??
    sth is wrong?

  9. 2exams @ one day..u can guess why..:(
  10. hi guyz
    how are u all
  11. hi

    M!sS Ir@q how are you?
  12. good ppl
    and u??

    good luck sis
  13. oh hey everybody
    i'm the new gurl here lol
    tell me hi lol or y'all gonna be dead lol sike
    i like to join all of ya lol
    how r u??
    and thanxxx miss iraq for the topic lol ^^
    Oh kinda..hi eveyone..
    ummm ...oh ya welcome in anime desert^_*
    i hope u spend a good times wed us!!

  15. welcomez ^.^

    I have awesome newz everyone ^.^

    The same day my holiday started ... rain started falling..COOL !

    ...NO ONE IZ HERE *_*"
  16. hey i'm back
  17. lool

    where have you been ?

    you keep coming and going >_>" ..
  18. i have told
    for now
    i won my biggest fight ever
    so u can say
    in PEACE
  19. sorry .. my connection was lousy -_-

    good luck fighting ^_*