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  1. What do you call a chicken that has no feathers
    A: Dinner
    Where did the computer go to dance
    A: To a disc-o
    What’s worse than seeing a worm in an apple that you just bit into
    A: Seeing HALF a worm in an apple that you just bite into
    What is bacteria
    A: The back entrance of a cafeteria
    What do you call a famous archer
    A: A shooting star

    If a long dress is evening wear what is a suit of armor
    A: Silverware
    How do chickens dance
    A: Chick to chick
    Why was the apple tree so sad
    A: Because people were always picking on it
    What’s the name of the boy on the floor
    A: MATT
    Why do skeletons need milk
    A: Because it’s good for the bones

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  3. hehehehehee LOL thats sooooooooooooooooo funny
    Thanxxxxxxx alot The Punk Girl
    very funny jokes hahahahaha
  4. Where did the computer go to dance
    A: To a disc-o

    it's the best one

    tanx fot the funny jokes..
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    and i'm happy that u like it
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    sooo funny
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  11. very very funny jokes
    and really I can't choose the best one of them
    thanx so mech
    and carry on
  12. thanxxxxxxxxx 4 ur response sweety and i'm very glad that u like it
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    thats good
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