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  1. sometimes you wish you're half-way around the world * for a silly reason * you wanna leave the place you grew up in . Leaving everything you ever known in your whole life!
    you would leave everything because a friend of yours stabbed you in the back !
    Are you sure that you want to ruin your life because of that?
    Think again! you can overcome this situation if you try to know why that particular friend stepped you in your back * I'm sure that he has a good reason to do so. If not ... He's not the faithful person you knew before . As time moves on it changes people * just as it changes stones & rocks .
    But after all * I really believe that this person will return back as you know him.
    If not * I give you the permission to hate this person forever & seek for your revenge .
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  3. wooooooooooooooooooooooow thanx 4 the nice topic
    it's so WoNdErFuL
  4. thanks 4 the comment but that really happened to me ^^"
  5. i like it

    but i dont like the last thing cos forgivness is better than revenge

    thank you very much
  6. thanks 4 the comment * but revenge is my life!

    but it's alright 4 me to forgive someone someday :dudu:
  7. it's a wondrful topic..
    i like it..

    thanx so much freind..
  8. wooooooooow i like it thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  9. thanks for the comment guys

    welcome * if you wanna read more check my blog
  10. ha ha
    i liked the last words
    nice way to end it
    thanks for the permission
    and i can give you a great revenge
    if you want
    ha ha
    (sorry for beening situped)
    thanks for the cool words
    did you write this?? wow

    see yah

  11. thanks for the comment! If I want revenge I'll let you know XD
    and you're not being stupid * you're just being yourself XP

    and yes * I wrote this * you can visit my blog if you want to
  12. thanks you
    nice topic
    i love it

  13. thank you

    I'm just so glad that you liked it
  14. Thankx alot for
    the great topic

  15. you're welcome ^_^
  16. wooooooooooooooooooooo
    thats good

  17. thanks for the commet!! I'm really happy that you liked it ^_^
  18. I love all of this
    you are really a good friend " I think "
    so try to look for an other person who can change ur life
    and let u feel the happness around u dear
    just cherche

  19. maybe I am a "good friend" XD
    & there won't be anyone in this whole world who can change me and my life * or let me feel happy . because this person meant the world to me. thanks for the comment
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