You and Your Friend

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  1. YOU and Your FRIEND

    You're never alone* I'm always near
    When your troubled* down or blue
    All you have to do is call me
    I'm always here for you
    It doesn't matter where I'm at
    It doesn't matter when
    When you need someone to talk to
    I'm here to be your friend
    If you need someone to hold your hand
    or a hug to say I care
    If you need a shoulder to cry on
    for you I will be there
    So never think you are a burden
    when the weight gets to be to much
    You might find if look hard enough
    a good friend could be the right touch
    You're never alone* I'm always here
    through the good times and the bad
    I'm always here to be your friend
    I don't like to see you sad
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