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    I was sitting here thinking

    of the words i wanted to say but they just

    wouldn't come out right
    so i found a different way

    i got a piece of paper
    and i wrote this poem for you
    but there's no way to thank-you
    for everything you do

    for always being nice to me
    and staying by my side
    and helping me fix my problems
    and never leaving me behind

    for accepting my thoughts and feelings
    though you do not understand
    for never giving up on me
    and being my best friend

    for making me laugh
    and letting me cry
    and saying you'd miss me
    if i were to die

    everything you mean to me
    you could never know
    in all the ways you've changed my life
    i could never show

    the way you take care of me
    (you're my shining star)
    and though it so incredible
    that's just the way you are

    before i get to mushy
    it's time for me to go
    but before i leave this ink-filled page
    there's one thing you should know

    as long as we are living
    no matter when or where
    if you ever need me-
    just call and i'll be there

    i'll climb a thousand mountains
    and swim a thousand sea
    anything to be there
    'cause you been there for me


    These words is dedicated to my friend moon14
    ur friend Anya - Chan

    Hope u liked it


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  2. جاري تحميل الصفحة...

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  3. محجووز للقراة اول رد :D


    Anya - Chan
    special words from special person :)

    I've found a reason for me
    To change who I used to be
    A reason to start over new
    And the reason is you
    really really
    u r a b.f friend

    i really like it
    my eyes get out when i saw it
    it is amazing..!!
    it made me shy ^.^

    thx sweaty 4 every thing
    lov ya
    accept my little pass

    c ya
  4. ديــبس ^^..

    لي بـآاكـ <~ قولي و الله ..~
  5. very very nice words

    i really love it

    keep it up
  6. Hello Anya ..

    Wo0o0o0o0o0o0oW ..

    Really wonderful Words I loved it so much ..

    ThanKs alot ^^ ..

    Keep it up ..
  7. Hello

    thanks for the nice word
    I like it that

    see ye

  8. welcome back mooney
    ur special 2 mooney
    u 2 ur my b.f.f
    Thnx dear i'm really really glad that u liked it
    hehehe really
    ur more than welcome sweety
    luv u 2
    sure i accept it

    cu 2


  9. TyT ..
    waiting 4 ya ..

  10. thanx dear 4 passing
    i'm so glad that u like it
  11. Hi Love ..
    ur more than welcome + thnX 2 u ..
    c u

  12. Hi
    ur more than welcome dear
    thanx 4 ur nice feedback
  13. Loved it

    Its very nice my friend

    Keep your greate work

    See Ya

  14. Thanx my friend 4 the nice feedback

    c u
  15. ~ Wow

    Wonderful words really well worth the Moon 14! ][ ~

    Thank you for this beautiful theme !



  16. ur welcome my dear

    Thanx 4 ur nice feedback
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