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    Flowers For The Dead

    I lay flowers
    at your feet.
    I see everything you
    meant to me.
    Leaving before
    your time was called
    has made me miss you
    even more.
    Where I laid flowers
    The grass grows tall
    Candles burn and tears
    they fall.
    Death may happen
    everyday but I can’t
    survive with out your
    happy ways
    Where the flowers faded
    at your marble feet
    the sky parted and light
    came down upon me
    your marble figure
    glistened in
    It was almost as if
    I felt your presence.
    I lay flowers for the dead
    terrible pain comes
    out that I have never said
    But that image of you
    in stony perfection
    Makes me miss
    your love and affection.

    Hope u's Like It ^^..
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  2. الله يعطيك ألف العافية
    ننتظر جديدك.......
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