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  1. hi

    how are you

    i am mily

    Give you a game ID card

    We knew about yourself

    I will start first

    my name is mily

    i am 13

    Study in the seventh grade

    Ratio 97%


    But I wish I liked the topic

    good bey
  2. Hello Miley

    How is it going

    The subject of great


    I am Raven


    Percentage 96%

  3. thank you very much riven
  4. nice idea mily

    it' my turne

    i'm jo

    17 years

    see you
  5. thank you very much THE JONAS
  6. Aya - F- > > 16 yearz old . .
    well ,, thats it ! =) . .
    gracies mily!
  7. thank you very very very very much
  8. hello
    how are you mily

    i wish you are fain

    am shda

    14 years old
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