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  1. Together
    [ [​IMG] ]

    [FONT=&quot]We will hold hands together
    Laugh and smile together
    Share our secrets together
    And help each other together

    [ [​IMG] ]
    We will confess our fears together
    Wipe each other’s tears together
    Comfort each other together
    And confide in each other together

    We will talk about the darkness together
    Write depressing poems together
    Scream in pain together[/FONT]

  2. جاري تحميل الصفحة...

    مواضيع مشابهة في منتدى التاريخ
    كلمآت اغنية ..[We're All In This Together ] اللغات ‏30 سبتمبر 2009

  3. ..

    Hi Dear Anya
    How you doin' ?? hope ur totally fine
    wo0o0o0o0w very beautiful words
    Thanks alot for your nice topic
    See ya later ^^ ..
  4. hi anya
    how are you ,
    I wish you will be fine ..~
    thanks alot for this words it's very lovely
    we wait your new ^.^
  5. السلام عليكم و رحمة الله .... :)

    hi anya chan r u.. hope u r well..

    the thread is very cute ...

    It's very beautiful ^^ the sentences

    even the images....^^

    God bliss you :)

    في أمان الله ...^^
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