Whisper ==> Dont want to lock me...~ up inside " مسـِآبَقه مدِونَتـُي عآِلم جميـِل "

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    " آلسلـآم عليكم ورحمة آلله وبركآته "
    إزيكوآ ..؟
    ؟ إن شآء آلله بخير ,,
    مدونتي لمسآآبقة [ مدونتي عآلم جميل ]
    إن شـآء آلله تعجبكم :)



    I'm so confused , there or here , far or near !
    I dont know
    am i wrong ? am i right
    I dont know
    ! !


    That were happy memories , we were together , walking
    talking , laughing , good times ,
    aren't they

    Now , No , It's now : It's my sadness , depression , my prison
    I want to cry .... No one can feel my sadness
    No one can help me
    No one can comfort me
    No ONE !!!


    I love my sorrow , but i wanna let it Go , set me Free
    am i wanna be FREE !
    I wanna stay with my sorrow my palace of

    can't break free until I let it go



    fallen angels whispered to me
    so many things inside that are just like you are taking over
    wake up
    don't want to lock me inside

    I know I cant stop the pain if I turn away
    Dont turn away
    Dont close eyes

    all away
    then I can stop the pain


    " في أمــآن آلله "

  2. cool I like it ^^
    best wishes
  3. جميل جدااا